Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Room 237

It's been awhile. College started again, and I've been damn busy. I've been running around campus listening to this, and its making me draw drag circus folk...well that and...i'll explain next time.

sorry for the shitty comix, this ones for my memorys sake

this ones jus dumb
I like this one alot but the scanner messed it up

dis crap.

I ran into my good pal Ed from high school at a party a couple weeks ago, and he told me about how the year book had a picture of me on Halloween stabbing him, which he said was hilarious. Yet, I never even got a yearbook 'cuz i was so angsty by senior year i didn't want to remember anything, but I told him to scan it & send it my way, for giggles, so behold:

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